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Arthur Mason Memorial Tournament

Announced for this year a 6 team, 7-a-side game format in honour of LTWFC manager and player Arthur Mason. We've talked about this since his passing in 2020, it's now time that we made this thing happen.

FREE funded communty walking football event into second week

Free Lealands walking football session

Week 2 our first b-monthly Free funded have a go walking football sessions, two more weeks and we move on to our second venue in March.

Bedordshire & Luton Community Foundation


Luton Town Walking Football Club are delighted to have received grant support from London Luton airport via their community trust fund managed by the Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation (BLCF). Thanks to this grant, we are now able to purchase much needed first aid equipment, including defibrillators, playing strips and fund a community 'have a go' walking football project, designed to help the over 50s get more active, fitter and more engaged in meeting and making new friends.

LTWFC Ladies Southend Tournament

So today our ladies team compete in their 3rd tournament since being formed in May this year. They're a great bunch with a host of skilss and determination all laced with a wicked sence of humour and fun. Best of luck to them all and here's hoping, like our Premier League Hatters, that we'll get our first win!


England v Scotland

The England vs. Scotland football rivalry is one of the oldest and most storied in the world of international soccer, dating back to 1872 when they played the first-ever official international match. This historic encounter took place at Hamilton Crescent in Glasgow and ended in a 0-0 draw. It marked the inception of a fierce sporting rivalry that has endured for over a century.

Throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, England and Scotland faced off annually in the British Home Championship, often deciding the tournament’s outcome in their matches. The contests were passionate affairs, reflecting the historical animosities between the two nations.

Notable encounters include Scotland’s 5-1 victory over England in 1928, often referred to as the “Wembley Wizards” match, and England’s 1966 World Cup win on home soil, where they defeated Scotland 2-0 during the group stage.

Over the years, the rivalry has seen its fair share of dramatic moments, thrilling goals, and legendary players. While the intensity has ebbed and flowed, the matches continue to captivate fans on both sides of the border.

Today, England vs. Scotland clashes remain highly anticipated fixtures whenever they occur, whether in international tournaments like the UEFA European Championship or as part of World Cup qualifying campaigns. The history of these matches is a testament to the enduring passion and significance of this footballing rivalry.


To Govern or Not to Govern...

The WFA (Walking Football Association) declare that they are the NGB (National Governing Body) for Walking Football. Are they? I thought NGBs were recognised by Sport England - if so why are the WFA not featured on Sport England's website or indeed the WFA not featuring Sport England affiliation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not having a dig, I think the WFA, by virtue of being the first in the hat and all the work they've done promoting and supporting walking football, should indeed be the NGB. But they don't appear to be and just like boxing there seems to be a plethora of WF organisations and associations cropping up all over the place, all claiming that they have national teams particiapting in international tournaments.

Confusing? You bet it is ... and don't get me started on insurance.

We have WFA insurance - that covers us with our normal sessions and all officialy approved WFA events. We participated in a County FA tournament and was told by an offcial that our existing insurance would cover us. I told them I thought it wouldn't and guess what! The WFA confirmed that it didn't. So we now have WFA and County FA insurance, all because there is no offcially approved National Governing Body for Walking Football.

Come on get it sorted!!!!!

Harry who?

So, there was lots of talk about Harry Kane wanting to beat Alan Shearer's Premier League scoring record. Let's examine the stupidity of that record for a minute. As of 2023 Manchester United have 20 Legue titles, Liverpool 19, these totals are a combination of both original Division One and Premier League titles.

If it's acceptable to include Division One stats and the Premier League is really just a re-brand of Division One, then Jimmy Greaves holds the record for top flight goals scored. In fact including Greavsie, there are 4 players who have scored more top flight goals than Shearer!

1. Jimmy Greaves 1957–1971       357
2. Steve Bloomer 1892–1914        314
3. Dixie Dean 1924–1938              310
4. Gordon Hodgson 1925–1940    288
5. Alan Shearer 1988–2006          283

So, if you are going to produce record stats, at least apply some continuity to how they are compiled.


WFA Survey 2020 Headlines

These are just a few of the findings from the WFA's 2023 survey:

"Over 50% or respondents are between 60 and 70"
"Over 70% play for the social interaction"
"Over 50% of people have been playing more than 4 years"
"Nearly 60% discovered the'sport through a friend"
"Over 85% or players want to play in tournaments"
"Over 90% are comfortable playing in mixed gender games"
"Over 70% of clubs are running sessions twice a week or more"
"Over 1300 people say they play walking football because they love football/team sports"

Full report can be viewed here

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